Water Heater Installation 

Water Heater Installation in St Catharines & The Niagara Region

Some of Your Options for Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Products & Services

  • Heat pumps

  • Tankless water heaters

  • Gas or electric water heaters

  • Service water heaters

  • Replace water heater parts

  • Traditional water heaters

Types of Water Heaters We Service

  • Tankless water heaters give you immediate hot water without the need of a holding tank

  • Conventional water heaters have a tank of hot water ready at all times

  • Indirect or tankless coil water heaters utilize your home's space heating system for hot water

  • Heat pumps transfer heat from one location to another instead of directly heating the water


Water Heater Repair,Installation & Replacement in Niagara

An old, broken-down water heater can cause a mess. It can even raise your utility bill. When your water heater breaks down, we provide 24-hour emergency service.


The licensed and registered plumbers at Brian Easton HVAC Group will replace your water heater in an accurate and efficient manner. 


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