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Your kitten as well as all of our cats are using the Breeze litter system. It is dust free, controls odor and is easy to clean up. Alternately, we have used and recommend litter crystals, specifically Fresh Magic or Precious Cat. Litter crystals have many advantages: environmentally friendly, chemical (perfume) free, anti-bacterial, great odor control, clean, lightweight, easy clean up, and more! Precious cat contains herbs that attract the cat to the litter box! Crystals absorb urine on contact and dehydrates feces to reduce bacteria and odor. These litters are safe for kittens. They are not flushable. If you are having litter box issues, you can contact a cat behaviorist online at Most clients who report litter box avoidance issues are using natural, organic litters such as Sweet Scoop, Worlds Best, Yesterday’s News, crushed Walnut shells, and others. While these litters may be environmentally friendly, the kitten will not recognize them as litter. To them, it is the same as piles of papers, plastic bags, baskets of laundry, etc. They do readily take to clay scoopable litters such as Tidy Cat, Fresh Step, and scoop away. Remember to confine your kitten to “A” room with the litter box to acclimate him to any new potty.


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