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Bengal's In Toronto

The Blue Bengal

The blue gene is a recessive dilute gene. Therefore, the markings will remain a diluted color instead of the traditional black. The markings have been said to be more of a "battleship" or steel grey; including the tail tip. The background of the coat is a warm blue-grey color. Two blue adults bred together will always result in blue kittens but two none blue adults may also produce a blue kitten mixed in their litter. There is a lot of controversy amongst breeders about adding the blue gene into the gene pool because it can be a difficult, lengthy process to remove it when desired.


The Blue Bengal

Blue bengals tend to have a peachy tone to them. You can often find this color consentrated more around the face and feet, but it is possible for the entire coat to have a warm peachy color mixed in with the soft blue markings. The nose leather tail tip, and pawpads are also a slate grey with peachy overtones

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