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Bengal's In Toronto

The Silver Bengal

Perhaps the most difficult color to work with as a Bengal breeder, is the silver variant.The Egyptian Mau was one of the many breeds used in the development of the Bengal. It is therefore, no surprise that we find many silver Early Generation cats. Later, the silver American Shorthair was incorporated to improve the clarity and contrast of the coat. The loving temperament of the ASH was also a welcome bonus. Now, the hard work begins as the breeder attempts to incorporate the attributes of the Mau and ASH, while still keeping the wild look, pattern, and body type as indicated by the Bengal breed standard.


The Silver Bengal

Silver Bengals may be spotted or marbled. A "smoke" is a melanistic silver, and is therefore not eligible for championship status. Some breeders include Smokes in their silver programs if they are working on producing "charcoal silvers". Some smokes carry the charcoal gene, but some do not. It is important to locate a knowledgeable, well informed, reputable breeder if you are interested in adding a silver Bengal cat to your family or breeding program.

Silver Bengal In Toronto

Also recognized by the Bengal breed standard are the silver snows. These can be silver lynx, silver mink, or silver sepia as well. Examples of these kittens are included in our silver page. These cats have the same color characteristics as other snows, but also express the silver "inhibitor" gene, resulting in the base of the hair shaft being snow white. Silver "snows" display a truly black tail tip, rather than a "seal" colored tip. A silver patina "surface sheen" can be seen under bright light. Because of the inhibitor gene, these "snows" are actually silvers.

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