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Bengal cats are very serious about their toys! These cats are active, intelligent, curious, and athletic. You will want to select toys that are safe and sturdy. Remove any strings, eyes, or feathers from “low end” toys. Our cats love balls, toys that make noise, and sturdy catnip filled soft toys. We like the quality of Yeeoww brand toys. Cat wheels are also a big hit. Sisal toys and sisal claw posts also hold up well. 

As a word of caution, please “cat proof” your home before bringing in your new pet. Bengal cats are attracted to water. Remember to leave toilet seats down, bathtubs drained, and washing machine and dryer lids shut. Electric cords and outlets, hot stoves, reclining chairs, and toxic indoor plants are potential hazards. Restrict your new cat from area that contains your “valuable” china. Also, Bengal cats love high places!


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Have specific questions about adoption process, or about our kittens? Contact us today.

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